Kanata, ON — The OFL season eventually staged its third game as the powerful Irish Stout hosted the Underdogs at legendary Entrust Cryptography Field. Both teams were a little shorthanded as the Stout lined up All-OFL QB Paul “The Mad Bomber” McRae, tight end James “Smooth” Muir, slotback Kirk “Flash” Ireland, and wide receiver Louis “Le Genou” Aubin. The Underdogs countered with Brad “Big Play” O’Brien, Chris “Stickum” Yagi, Bevan “Blues Brothers” Watkiss, and newly signed rookie free agent, Brian “The Big Pole” Niebrzydowski. The cool, overcast day did not portend the fireworks to come.

Starting with the ball, the Underdogs went right to work, with O’Brien hitting Watkiss with a long pass for a TD over a startled Ireland. “I thought he would drop it, it wasn’t aimed at his head,” said a confused Ireland, “Normally, he only grabs those kinds of passes when it means self-preservation.” Nevertheless, for the first time this season, the Stout trailed, 6-0.

Unfazed, McRae led the Stout back with TD toss to Aubin, followed by a PAT conversion to Ireland to take the lead 7-6. The Underdogs were not intimidated, coming right back at the Stout with another TD to Watkiss from O’Brien. Again, the Stout trailed, 12-7 and again, the Stout responded, this time with a TD from McRae to Aubin using their hurry-up “Tiger” package. Another PAT to Ireland made the score 14-12, Stout. “I thought maybe we were in for a long day, so I dialed up the ‘Blur’ to catch ’em off guard,” analyzed McRae after the game, “We haven’t unleashed the ‘Tiger’ in quite a while.” “I’ll unleash a forearm shiver if he ever does that again,” threatened O’Brien, “Maybe HE won’t be ready for THAT, either.”

Perhaps the Stout thought this might break the spirit of the Underdogs, but the Dawgs once again showed their fortitude as O’Brien drove them down the field, the payoff this time coming with a pass to Niebrzydowski. The Stout now trailed for the third time in the game, 18-14. “What the hell is going on out there?” screamed Coach McRae, “Just grabbing, no tackling!!! Grab, grab, grab!” Reminded that it was a game of touch football, McRae calmed down and returned to the sideline, then to the huddle as he remembered he is also his team’s QB.

The Stout scored on an Aubin TD with a Muir PAT to take a 21-18 lead and then, like breaking an opponent’s serve in tennis, the game’s complexion changed on a terrific defensive play by Ireland, who intercepted O’Brien, giving the ball back to the Stout. An avalanche of points ensued as the Stout outscored the Underdogs 27-0 the rest of the way, including a nifty reverse flea-flicker PAT from Aubin to McRae on the game’s last play.

“I think the important thing to take away from this game is that I intercepted McRae for the first time this season,” said O’Brien in the strangely jubilant Underdog locker room, “We’ve come a long way this season and we are going to get those arrogant bastards if it’s the last thing I do. I don’t care how many 6’5″ behemoths I have to recruit, I will prevail!”

October 25, 2013
Irish Stout 48, Underdogs 18

McRae         7 TD, 5 PAT, 1 INT
O'Brien       3 TD, 1 INT 
Aubin         1 PAT
Watkiss       1 INT

Ireland       3 TD, 2 PAT
Aubin         3 TD
Watkiss       2 TD
Muir          1 TD, 3 PAT
Niebrzydowski 1 TD
McRae         1 PAT

Aubin         1 INT
Ireland       1 INT 
O'Brien       1 INT