Kanata, ON — The much anticipated matchup of the full strength French Foreign Legion against the undefeated Irish Stout failed to live up to expectations as the titans clashed on a chilly day at historic Entrust Cryptography Field. The Legion had finally assembled their best lineup of the season, wily Peter Arseneau would quarterback a squad consisting of sure handed Hongrui Dong, blazing Louis Aubin, athletic Rami Al-Tayeche, and John (not the 49’er) Taylor. The team would have been even stronger if slotback Bogdan Nicolescu had not come down with a virus after having intimate relations with a rodent with a biohazard sticker on it. The league leading Stout lined up with rotund but accurate Paul McRae at QB, big tight end Dan Murdock, rangy Sean Hope, burly Bevan Watkiss, and perfectly coiffed Kirk Ireland, recently returned from the spa.

Nonetheless, even Colts-Patriots could not match the excitement of this one as the teams squared off. The Stout failed to score on their first possession and the Legion attacked right away. Lofting a long pass down the right side of the field, Arseneau had zeroed in on All-OFL receiver Louis Aubin. Aubin dove for the ball, but failed to haul it in. Worse still, he severely injured his knee on the play. Showing the gutsiness that has been his hallmark, Aubin cursed and swore his way back to the huddle to takeover playcalling and QB duties. It would be the Stout, however, that would score first as Kirk Ireland hauled in a McRae TD pass o lead 6-0. Sean Hope would score and convert to push the cushion to 13-0.

Not to be outdone, the Legion scored on a Aubin to Dong completion. Following this, McRae hit Hope again to bulge the lead to 19-6. On their next possession, McRae worked the ball down the field and after lining up at the 5 yard line, Ireland scored on a reverse.

In one of the most courageous moments in OFL history, Aubin hobbled to the line. Like Willis Reed of the 1970 Knicks, Aubin was not to be denied. Blowing by Murdock and hobbling down the field, Aubin pulled in an Arseneau throw to make the final score 25-12. Not a dry eye was to be found, but the valiant Legion could do no more and the Stout were victorious.

November 8, 2007
Stout 25, Legion 12

Hope        2 TD, 1 PAT
Ireland     1 TD
Dong        1 TD
Aubin        1 TD

Ireland     1 TD

McRae       3 TD, 1 PAT
Aubin        1 TD, 1 INT
Arseneau   1 TD

Ireland       1 INT