Kanata, ON — Football fans were treated with a thrilling game in week 2 of the OFL season as the Irish Stout narrowly bested the French Foreign Legion 19-13 in the OFL’s first ever overtime game.

The Stout, playing with John Taylor (not the former San Francisco wide receiver), in place of plague-ridden Sean Hope and still without Offensive and Defensive Player of the Year Kirk Ireland, who was out with a sprained back incurred by hauling large bags of money to the bank, sputtered on offense and allowed their first points of the year on defense.

The Legion squad featured returning cannon-armed QB Louis Aubin and substituted injured defensive end Rami Al-Tayeche as needed.

The game started slowly, but on their second possession, speedy slotback Bogdan Nicolescu scored on a Peter Arseneau TD pass. He then hauled in the PAT to give the Legion a 7-0 lead. The Stout responded with a long hook-and-go TD from Paul McRae to Bevan Watkiss, who trotted into the endzone behind Legion defender Hongrui Dong. A McRae to Murdock PAT tied the contest at 7-7. Not to be denied this day, the Legion scored to take the lead in the late going, with Aubin hitting Peter Arseneau for the go ahead TD. The PAT failed, however, and the Legion led 13-7. The Stout bore down on defense and Watkiss recorded two interceptions, his third and fourth of the season, to stop Legion drives.

Uncharacteristically, the Stout failed to move the ball and on the penultimate possession of the game and the Legion drove the ball into Stout territory. Arseneau gathered in an Aubin pass and started for the endzone and the winning points, only to be stopped at the 1 yard line. Then, like King Arthur pulling Excalibur out of the Rock, McRae connected with Watkiss on the longest touchdown pass in OFL history, a 99-yard bomb that tied the game and left the crowd speechless. This may have been because the crowd was actually attending an Entrust BBQ, but nonetheless an exciting moment. Peter Arseneau, seemingly everywhere on defense, broke up the conversion pass to Murdock. Thus the stage was set for the first overtime game in OFL history.

After making up the rules on sidelines, the teams returned to the field. Under the newly minted rules (about 30 seconds old at this point), each team gets possession of the ball at midfield and 2 plays to score. If they score, they are allowed to try the conversion. Each team gets an equal number of possessions until one team gets ahead. The Legion lined up for the first possession and completed a short pass into Stout territory. On the next play, the Aubin pass to Arseneau was intercepted by Dan Murdock, snuffing out the drive. A hushed silence fell over the crowd, either in anticipation of the excitement to come or because they had run out of hot dogs. After McRae bounced a short pass to Murdock into the turf, the veteran QB calmly lined up and lofted a strike to Watkiss in the left corner of the endzone which Watkiss caught and held on to despite the best efforts of Arseneau to dislodge the ball. A jubilant Stout celebrated while defiant Legionnaire Bogdan Nicolescu made a Namath-like guarantee of victory next week.

September 20, 2007
Stout 19, Legion 13

Nicolescu    1 TD, 1 PAT
Arseneau     1 TD
Watkiss      3 TD
Murdock      1 PAT

McRae        3 TD, 1 PAT
Aubin        1 TD, 2 INT
Arseneau     1 TD, 1 PAT
Dong         1 INT
Watkiss      2 INT
Murdock      1 INT