Kanata, ON — In a lavish luncheon at the Local Heroes in Bell’s Corners, the OFL wrapped up the 2011 season with its annual award ceremony. This year, voting was impartially calculated by Surveymonkey.com. As expected, many awards were captured by the 6-time OFL Champion Irish Stout squad, which went 7-1 against Peter’s Pirates, but the Pirates improved week after week and even ended the Stout’s long 38-game winning streak this season with a stunning 13-12 victory in week 5.

Foreign Player Of The Year

Andrew Sung Of Peter’s Pirates was the winner this year, not only for his performance on the field, but largely for the fact that he was the only non-Canadian citizen to play in the league this year. “I would like to thank my parents for conceiving and birthing me in Korea,” he said, “This is nearly as big an honor as intercepting that annoying Paul McRae in the end zone that one time.”

Rookie Of The Year

Liang Yao Of the Pirates took home the honors after a season in which he improved week to week and managed to intercept Irish Stout QB Paul McRae 3 times, including one returned for a touchdown. “I don’t know much about football, but it doesn’t take a 180 IQ like I have to figure out McRae is going to throw to Muir when the going gets tough,” he explained, “I would like to thank the league for this award, but I need to get back to my ground breaking research.”

Defensive Player Of The Year

For the first time, there was a 3-way tie for the Defensive Player award as James Muir, Bevan Watkiss, and Liang Yao were all honored with the award. “It’s about time,” said Stout safety Watkiss, “I’ve been in this league FOREVER and this is my first award!” Muir was his usual humble self commenting, “I would just like to thank the opposing QB’s for throwing those interceptions, without which I would not have been able to share this honor with such a prestigious group.” “Two awards?” exclaimed the Pirates’ Yao, “I did not know that these kinds of recognition even existed! I am very happy to accept on behalf of my teammates.”

Offensive Player Of The Year

There was little suspense here as the Stout’s James Muir, who led the league with 15 touchdowns, won the Offensive Player honors. “Well, I have to give props to my QB, Paul McRae, who managed to throw high, low, and to all points in between as I athletically snagged these touchdowns. Really, is it that hard to hit me in the hands?”

Most Valuable Player

For the sixth straight year, Stout QB Paul McRae led the league in touchdown passes with 43 in 8 games and took home the MVP trophy. “I must share this with my teammates, no one knows how important it is to stack their team as I do! I could not have done this without James, Kirk, Bevan, and Burms. But, of course, someone must place the ball perfectly in their hands to score those touchdowns! The ball doesn’t just magically get there on its own, y’know!”