For the price, the ASUS Play Air HDP-R3 Wireless-N Media Player is excellent. I had it up and running on our wireless network in minutes (I choose not to attach any local storage) and connected to our plasma TV using HDMI. We have a large video library stored on external USB drives that are mounted on both Windows and Linux hosts. The HDP-R3 was able to see these “folders” and effortlessly play the media without any jitter. It plays the media more smoothly than a PC on the network in some cases.

One small drawback — connecting to the wireless network takes a minute or two. Initially, it took so long, I thought that I manually had to connect every time the unit was powered up, but it just takes a few minutes. If you leave the unit on, it stays connected for the most part, but every user is going to have to learn how to check the wireless connection and perhaps re-connect the system.

I had hesitated to buy a wireless media player because the units were 3 to 4 times the prices of this one and many had hacked wireless capability as and add-on USB adapter. This product, with its built-in wireless adapter, is the perfect solution for those who have video libraries they want to access via their wireless network.