Kanata, ON — On a chilly -10°C day and on a snow covered Entrust Cryptography Field, the OFL finished off the 2010 season with a 27-6 victory by the Irish Stout over the expansion Co-Op Dragons. The 10-0 Stout closed out another undefeated season and claimed their fifth straight OFL championship. Admittedly, the expansion Dragons, while a plucky squad that never threw in the towel, simply lacked the gridiron experience of the defending champs. Today’s four on four battle came down to long-time OFL veterans Paul “TD Machine” McRae, James “Grizzly Adams” Muir, Kirk “I’ll Show You Some Defense” Ireland and Bevan “Looks Good In Warmups” Watkiss from the Irish Stout lining up against Carlos “Intercepted” Nahas, Marc “Intercepted” Jessome, Jin “Intercepted” Sun Kang, Michael “At Least _I_ Didn’t Get Intercepted” Liu and William “They Don’t Let Me Throw” Jia.

The game got off to a slow start as the Dragons punted and the Stout drove down to the goal line, but failed to score. Attempting to change their season-long fortunes, the Dragons mixed it up at QB with Jessome, Nahas, and Kang all taking snaps. Jessome’s attempt to hit Kang in the endzone was intercepted by Ireland and the Stout capitalized with completions down to the 1 yard line followed by an Ireland reverse to lead 6-0. Next, it was Kang’s turn to be picked off by Ireland, whose TD return was nullified by an early tag at midfield. McRae, however, threw to Muir for a TD followed by highlight reel catch by Ireland for the conversion and a 13-0 score.

The Dragons played tough defense and moved the ball on the Stout with long passes to Liu. Eventually, Jessome lofted a pass over the head of all the defenders that nestled into Liu’s arms for a score. Now at 13-6, the game was suddenly a nip-and-tuck affair. Watkiss, who had an outstanding practice, failed to hold on to a pair of TD throws, but Muir saved the day with a nifty catch in the left corner for a score. Watkiss, wide open in the middle of the endzone, held on to the convert and suddenly the score was 20-6 for the Stout. Yet another Ireland interception gave the ball back to the champs and they drove down to the 20 yard line. With a bit of razzle-dazzle, McRae tossed the ball to Ireland coming in motion then raced untouched to the endzone where Ireland found him for the TD. The last play of the 2010 season saw McRae throw a dart to Muir for the conversion and a 27-6 final.

The Co-Op Dragons held their heads high in defeat. “We got better every week,” said Kang, “But there is no substitute for playing together for years as the Stout have. Let’s get them out on the soccer pitch and kick their butts!”

The 38th straight victory by the Irish Stout sets a league record that is unlikely to be equaled. “Teams are improving all the time, it will be impossible to keep this up,” said elated Stout head coach McRae, “Given more experience, this athletic Dragon squad could easily beat us, but, thankfully, most of them are going back to school and we won’t have to play them again!”

December 9, 2010
Irish Stout 27, Co-Op Dragons 6

McRae    2 TD, 3 PAT
Ireland  1 TD
Jessome  1 TD, 1 INT
Kang     1 INT
Nahas    1 INT

Muir     2 TD, 1 PAT
Liu      1 TD
McRae    1 TD
Ireland  1 PAT
Watkiss  1 PAT

Ireland  1 TD

Ireland  3 INT