Kanata, ON – The season may be changing into a cold winter, but the hot
Irish Stout continue with their winning ways defeating a revamped French
Foreign Legion team 25-13 in scintillating 5on5 action at legendary
Entrust Cryptography Field.

The Stout got started after improving Legion QB Peter Arseneau was
intercepted by league interception leader Kirk Ireland. The Stout drove
down to the Legion 1 yard line, but failed to convert as OFL veteran
Sean Hope (recently lured out of retirement by a lucrative contract
offer of a 6 pack of TimBits) failed to hold on to a pass.

The Legion then began driving the full length of the field, but Ireland
once again stopped the drive with an interception, setting up the Stout
at midfield. “This is murder on my manicure, but anything for the team,
I suppose,” quipped the well-coiffed receiver after the game. Passing
touchdown leader Paul McRae quickly converted, hitting Ireland for the
first touchdown of the game in the left corner. Once again, Hope had
trouble pulling in the conversion pass and the Stout were left leading
6-0. “Dude, if you were as zonked on benadryl as I am, you might have
missed that one too,” mused Hope, “I just hope this cough isn’t
something terminal.”

Undaunted, the Legion drove the length of the field and scored on a
beautiful teardrop pass from Arseneau to Legion standout Louis Aubin.
The Stout, however, answered this with a Dan Murdock touchdown as the
big tight end blew past rookie safety Matias Madou on a post corner
route. Murdock also converted on the PAT pass to put the Stout up 13-6.
“Did you check out my cleats on that one?” inquired Murdock, “I think
they looked particularly good that time.”

The plucky Legion squad, utilizing newly signed receiver Mike Duford,
drove to midfield where Louis “Michael Vick” Aubin scrambled in for the
touchdown. “Sure, if he wants to take advantage of a fat, old guy, he
can do that,” said nose tackle McRae, “but a real man would throw a
touchdown as I have 41 times this year, not run scared like a
nancy-boy.” A controversial conversion by Duford from backup QB Yves
Charron tied the game at 13-13. Unfortunately, Charron’s video camera
is still in the shop, so no replay was available.

This was all the Stout needed to focus their energies as they drove down
and scored on a Sean Hope reception. The Legion failed to score on
their last possession, but not until a scrambling Yves Charron did the
proverbial ‘Earl Campbell’ on Stout linebacker Dan Murdock. Murdock
recovered from the collision, but was heard calling Ben Roethlisberger
for advice on a good neurologist after the game.

The Stout wrapped up the scoring on an incredible Bevan Watkiss
reception over Duford, incredible on two counts, (1) Watkiss actually
caught the ball and held on and (2) Watkiss actually caught the ball
and held on.

The Stout improve to 8-1 while the Legion fall to 1-8. Notable
statistical milestones include McRae throwing his 41st TD of the
season and getting closer to besting his own league record of 48 while
Ireland boosted his Defensive Player of the Year candidacy by taking the
league lead in interceptions with 7. Due to a rare statistical error by
the Elias Sports Bureau, big tight end Dan Murdock now trails Ireland
in the league’s scoring race, but remains confident that his new
cleats will allow him to close the gap in ensuing weeks.

Box Score

Irish Stout 25, French Foreign Legion 13

October 26, 2006



Ireland 1 TD
Murdock 1 TD, 1 PAT
Hope 1 TD
Watkiss 1 TD


Aubin 1 TD
Duford 1 PAT


Aubin 1 TD



McRae 4 TD passes, 1 PAT, 0 INT


Arseneau 1 TD pass; 2 INT
Charron 1 PAT



Ireland 2 INT

OFL Season Statistics


TD Passes     INTS

McRae           41          11
Charron          8           4
Arseneau         8           4
Aubin            4           6
Murdock          1           0
Elabd            0           1


TD Receptions  PAT

Ireland          16          4
Murdock          15          6
Aubin            12          5
Watkiss           9          2
Arseneau          5          1
Elabd             2          0
Charron           2          2
Hope              1          0
McRae             1          1
Duford            0          1


TD Rushing    PAT

Aubin             1          0



Ireland           7
Aubin             6
Charron           5
Murdock           5
Watkiss           3