Kanata, ON — The Irish Stout football team showed its tremendous heart today by besting a spunky French Foreign Legion squad 25-19 in a dramatic overtime thriller played at legendary Entrust Cryptography Field.

The Stout lined up Paul McRae at QB, James Muir and Bevan Watkiss at tight end, Chris Walker at wide receiver, Kirk Ireland at flanker with versatile Marie Cote playing both wingback and nose tackle. The Legion consisted of Peter Arseneau at QB, Louis Aubin, John O’Connor, and Bogdan Nicolescu at wide receiver and newcomer Carlos “The Jackal” Nahas at tight end.

After winning the toss, the Legion promptly took the ball down the field, scoring on an Aubin reception to take a 6-0 lead. Several scoreless possessions for both teams ensued until Walker responded for the Stout, hauling in a McRae pass to tie the contest at 6-6. Nahas wrapped the ball around the pylon on a disputed score to put the Legion back up 12-6 and Aubin caught a sliding conversion pass from Arseneau to push the lead to 13-6. “Doze bastards, we have dem now!”, exclaimed Aubin, “Dey can eat my merde!”

McRae, uncharacteristically inaccurate all day (including an interception by Nahas), managed to tie the score throwing to Ireland for the TD and Walker for the PAT. This lead was short lived as O’Connor ran back another McRae interception for a touchdown on the Stout’s next possession. Taking over at midfield trailing late in the game for the first time all year, McRae hit Walker for a touchdown to tie the game at 19-19 to send this titanic match into overtime. “Overtime?!?! Overtime?!?!?,” McRae was heard uttering, “We let these bozos take us into overtime?!?!”

On the first possession of overtime, Arseneau failed to connect with Aubin then missed Nahas on a corner route. Running their quick hitting no huddle attack, the Stout quickly lined up and McRae threw a perfect strike to Muir on the post pattern to end the game. After the game, the laconic Muir commented, “No problem.” Reporters struggled to keep up, as this is the most he has sounded off all year.

At the post-game press conference, Legion GM Christensen explained, “We’re very pleased with the cohesion and drive the team displayed in this tight contest. The goal is to make our team mature enough to handle the wins and the losses the same, with grace, skill, and focus on sportsmanship.  I think the really good teams in our sport, the teams that continually succeed, are examples of that.” When informed that, in fact, her team lost, she replied, “We lost?!? But I thought we had more goals than the other side! We will have to increase the intensity of our rehearsals!” 

October 23, 2008
Irish Stout 25, French Foreign Legion 19

McRae       4 TD, 1 PAT, 2 INT
Arseneau    2 TD. 1 PAT, 1 INT


Walker      2 TD, 1 PAT
Aubin       1 TD, 1 PAT
Ireland     1 TD
Muir        1 TD
Nahas       1 TD

O'Connor    1 INT (TD ret)
Nahas       1 INT
Walker      1 INT