Jack Kirby would have been 94 today. He remains my favorite comic book artist. It is amazing that this man created so much, yet most of the world knows nothing about him. His career output rivals Steven Spielberg and George Lucas by many orders of magnitude. In fact, many of his concepts can plainly be seen in “Star Wars”. People flock to the movies, Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, The Fantastic Four, The Incredible Hulk, etc. without realizing that the lion’s share of the creative thrust behind these characters was Jack.

Jack’s career spanned multiple decades and in each, he made his mark. From Captain America, to the Timely monster tales, to the creation of the Marvel Universe, the history of comics is indelibly stamped with Jack’s characters, style, and sheer quantity of output. Without his contributions, the comic book industry might not exist today.

The above sketch is inspired by the return of Captain America in Avengers #4, March, 1964.