March 2011

The colors were done in PS. The pencils:

And inks:

So, a sketch of the Silver Surfer turned into a marathon exercise over at Outcast Studios (go visit!). I thought I would share this process with everyone, as I found it very interesting and educational. In addition, it points out the tremendous willingness some people have to help their fellow artists out.

It all started with a generic figure that I decided to “Surfer-up” at the end. I had no intention of drawing the Surfer when I started:

Given some feedback on the chunkiness on the frame of the figure in that one, I started from scratch and went with this more John Byrne-like rendition. Complete with a Kirby Krackle in the background.

I got some excellent feedback from Karsten Klintzsch in the form of this drawover:

So I redrew (from scratch) another one trying to take the critiques into account.

Which led to some more incredible help from DrunkenMaster in the form of these two drawovers:

Which led to this revision:

But I decided to (literally) go back to the drawing board to come up with this one:

Feeling fairly happy, I went ahead and inked it: