January 2011

I thought I would share some work done on a lazy Saturday afternoon and evening. Being it was a bit cold and forbidding out, we decided to stay in and watch movies and get caught up on our favorite TV shows.

For all the drawings, click on the image for a larger version.

At about 2PM, I decided to work on a watercolor of Ben Roethlisberger I had already started. The underdrawing had already been done on 9×12 watercolor block, so I tightened that up a bit and added the watercolor to it. This is the result:

Moving on, we were watching Season 2 of Glee, so I did a quick sketch of Quinn in my sketchbook (from which the rest of these drawings are gleaned). Considering it was only a quick sketch, the likeness isn’t too bad, but still lots of room for improvement in this area.

Next, a random sketch of Kobe. The likeness here is really bad. Drew the face about 5 times trying to get it right. Two problems — tough angle and a tough likeness to capture.

I’ve been looking lately a stuff by Jim Steranko. I did a sketch of Captain America yesterday based on his famous cover. Today was Nick Fury. I love Jim Steranko.

With the night winding down, I finished with some doodles. I’ve been looking at some eye exercises (thanks, Sweatt!) and did some random faces.

Being it was about 1AM, we headed off to bed. So there you have it. I don’t know how long I worked on each thing, but this was stuff done over about 9 hours with time off for dinner, cleaning up the kitchen, etc.

A couple of songs featuring yours truly from the Windbreakers traditional X-Mas luncheon performance…

Summertime Blues
Pinball Wizard