December 2007

Tom Brady vs. the Steelers

Much as I hate to do it (and have put it off for as long as possible), only Tom Brady could have been the Player of the Week. His performance against the Steelers (including throwing 35 straight passes at one point) showed just how vital he is to the New England attack as the Patriots downed the Steelers 34-13. For the game, he was 32 of 46 for 399 yards and 4 touchdowns. I can only hope the Steelers get another shot at him in the playoffs.

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What was Petrino thinking? After saying he wouldn’t leave Louisville (and signing a 10 year contract), he left to join the Atlanta Falcons. Just before losing to the New Orleans Saints Monday night, he told Falcons owner Arthur Blank, “You have a head coach”, presumably intending to honor his 5 year contract. He then showed up at an 11:30PM press conference on Tuesday in Arkansas to be announced as the new coach of the Razorbacks, having signed another 5 year contract that clearly isn’t worth the paper it is printed on.

In the recruiting game, I know I would have second thoughts about letting my kid go play football for a coach that has demonstrated this kind of questionable integrity, honesty, and most importantly, commitment. What would stop a man like this from not honoring a scholarship offer? What would stop him from pulling a scholarship from an athlete even if he promised he wouldn’t?

Don’t celebrate too hard, Razorback fans. And check to see if he buys or just rents.