May 2007

Ok, I admit I am getting a bit whizzed up about the “Galactus is going to be a cloud” thing in the new FF movie. However, it did inspire me to sketch this portrait of the “Devourer of Worlds” wielding the Power Cosmic…as usual click on the image to see a larger version.

Here is a Silver Surfer sketch I did in anticipation of the new Fantastic Four movie. However, I have heard that Galactus is going to be portrayed by a storm cloud. Seriously. Is this the best they can do? I envision the movie going something like this.

As usual, click on the image for a larger version.

How ’bout those Warriors? First 8th-seeded team to knock off the #1 seed since the first round went to 7 games in 2003. The first 8th seed to knock off a 67-game winning team. What a great third quarter! Where was Dirk Nowitzki? Can Stephen Jackson shoot or what?

Of course, Baron Davis was incredible, especially playing with a sore leg. I look forward to watching Yao Ming try and lumber up and down the court against these guys if they can get by Utah.

Just something I drew while watching the Ottawa Senators/New Jersey Devils game last night. It is based on a recent X23 cover drawing by Mike Choi.

I didn’t manage to do anything but break pencils while watching the Phoenix Suns oust the Los Angeles Lakers from the playoffs. Clearly, Laker management needs to do something to address the lack of talent on this team while Kobe still has a few years left. Of course, the Holy Grail would be to get Kevin Garnett, but I am not sure that they could swing a trade with Kevin McHale (obviously, a Laker-Hater). Kwame Brown had exactly 5 minutes of sterling play in this series and 4 completely forgettable and ineffective games. How much was Luke Walton’s play affected by his injury? What happened to promising big man Andrew Bynum? The Suns ran circles around the Lakers. We’ll see how good they really are when they take on the San Antonio Spurs in the next round.

I think I’ll cheer for the Golden State Warriors the rest of the way…